“Breakfast clubs provide a direct and cost-effective way to help prevent child hunger, improve behaviour and boosting academic performance in the process”.

(Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Survey 2011)

The breakfast club at Livingstone Primary school runs from 7.30 am to 8.55 am.

We aim to provide the children with a nutritious breakfast and supervised activities and is a great way to start off their school day.

The club is ideal for parents who need regular childcare before the start of school or for the occasional use.

The children can choose from a varied and nutritious menu which consists of

  • “Special of the Week”
  • Good selection of healthy cereals
  • Toast with Jam/Marmite/Marmalade
  • Yoghurt, Fruits or breakfast biscuits such as Belvita, Go-ahead yoghurt biscuits
  • Fresh fruit drinks
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